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Timeless Weddings

It's Time Entertainment has been the area's leading wedding entertainment provider for over three decades. Through collaborative planning drawing on all his years of wedding experience, Nick will help guide you through the planning process to help craft a truly memorable wedding for you and your guests.

As Nick gets to know you in personal consultation sessions, he will often suggest special activities to make your wedding both unique and personal such as a one-of-a-kind medley of special songs with a prerecorded message from the bride to her father for a father-daughter dance is guaranteed to bring a tear to all eyes. Nick offers a large repertoire of exclusive and customizable opportunities to make your wedding day memorable

Plan for Success


An amazing event that exceeds your wildest dreams is the result of hard work, experience and collaboration.


1. Collaborative planning based on three decades of creating timeless memories with custom music and creative activities.

2. Thorough preparation of all event materials and logistic planning.

3. Dedication to perform with unequaled excellence and professionalism.


Master of Ceremonies

Nick Javier is a highly skilled DJ with over three decades of dance club and event experience. But he brings so much more...

Nick is a master at creating fun memories and adding a sense of sophistication to every event that he is a part of. He facilitates events as Master of Ceremonies to keep events engaging and on schedule.

Nick is often out among the guests creating a personal repartee to make all your guests feel a part of the celebration.



Nick Javier
M.C. / D.J. / Event Facilitator

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